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Here you can find the information about how to install SprutCAM on your Server PC and on User's PC if you have a network SprutCAM.


  1. If you use a dongle protection at the first you need to install the dongle drivers (download). Once complete, plug the provided USB key into an available USB port on the server

    Hasp HL dongle will not work on a virtual PC

  2. Run the installation DVD and install Netlock Server using the appropriate (32 bit or 64 bit) version or download and run installers from (download)
  3. If licence will be placed in the same folder with licence server installer and it will be named as "Sprut_server.license" then it will be applied automatically otherwise when you prompted to 'Specify the path to license file' click <Browse> and navigate to the license file (usually placed on the same folder with installer)

  4. After installation complete Sprut License Server will automatically started as service. 
    As default service use the next ports: 10099,10100, 10101-(10100+products number in the license file*3). If these ports is not free then change it to 10200, or similar using settings file.
    For example: if you use license SprutCAM+5D+Andanved robot you need ports: 10100-10103.

    We recommend to add rules to the Windows firewall using 'Add rules in the Windows Firewall' menu item. If you are using another firewall you need to ensure what it does not not block access to server from network.

    All server settings stored in the 'STNetLock2.ini' file located in the '%AllUsersProfile%\Sprut Technology\LicenceServer' folder.

  5. Activate software. If you use the software protection then you will see the wizard form

    The prefer way is 'I am an existing customer' -> 'Get license from the personal account'. If you don’t have internet connection, or forget your login and password, use 'I am an existing customer' -> 'Activation by code' and send your dealer NLS code request.
    Licence server allow to restore a broken software licence (for example if server was shotdown incorectly and etc). For automatically restoring licence you need to allow internet connection on the server and restart the service using popup menu 'Stop and uninstall service' and 'Install and start service' (or just remove service from task list, it will be restarted automatically). After that software registration will be automaticelly restored. 

    This feature not will work if you registered licence service using NLS code.


To run sever use start menu link:

Alternatively, you can start the license server on the server PC as an application. (%Programfiles%/Sprut Technology/NetLock server 3):

  • STNetLock_V3.exe - to start the license server as an APPLICATION (Run as Administrator)
  • STNetLockGUI.exe - to start the license server as a SERVICE.  (Run as Administrator)

    Licence service can work only in one mode (APPLICATION or SERVICE). Before changing the licence server work mode you need to stop it first

Server configuration options are available by clicking right mouse button to the tray icon:

To change main settings use 'Show settings' menu item:

Also settings can be changed directly from the settings file using any text editor. 

Settings placed in the: '%AllUsersProfile%\Sprut Technology\LicenceServer\STNetLock2.ini

For appling changes the licence service must be restarted.

Also you can use monitoring the licence service from other PC.

To use this feature you will need to install the copy of licence service to PC, stop the service and define in the STNetLock2.ini parameters "HostAddress" or "HostName" setup the adress or real licence server.

After that it is neccessary to start the STNetLockGUI.exe. If parameters is defined correclty and ports is opened monitor will show licences list and their state.


  1. Install SprutCAM from DVD or using web installer. If licence file will be placed in the same folder with SprutCAM installer then licence file will be placed in the correspond folder automatically otherwise you need to install Workstation Licence file using SprutCAM licence manager (or copy license file into '%AllUsersProfile%\Sprut Technology\Licence' folder)

    Licence folder is specific for each distributive, so it can be located at '%AllUsersProfile%\Sprut Technology\SprutCAM Practik' or other place. We recommend to use Licence Manager to avoid possible errors

  2. Set server connection parameters in the 'stNLC.ini' configuration file, which is located at the '%Programfiles%/Sprut Technology/SprutCAM 11' folder for Version 11 and  '%Programfiles%/Sprut Technology/SprutCAM 12' for version 12. You need to configure server name or server ip:

    HostName = sprutserver


    HostAddress = 
  3. If you changed Server Port address when you can need to specify server port in the ini file too:

    HostName = sprutserver
    Port = 10020


    HostAddress =  
    Port = 10020

    Please check that defined ports is correspond with the server settings.

    Use «;» symbol to disable unused line in the ini files

    After set stnlc.ini it can be copied to other workstations.


To check ports you can use 'telnet client' (telnet.exe) - Windows utility.  This utility inсluded in all windows version but not installed as default from Windows 7.

To enable Telnet Client on Windows 7, follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Start' then left (right click if you have reversed your mouse buttons) click once on Control Panel.

  2. From 'Control Panel', click 'Programs'.

  3. Under 'Programs and Features', click on 'Turn Windows Features on or off'.

  4. From the 'Windows Features' window, using the slider, scroll down till you reach 'Telnet Client', select the check box beside it, then click on 'OK'.

    Once it is installed, the 'Windows Features' windows will be closed.

  5. The selected feature will be installed.

  6. To confirm that Telnet is installed, open command prompt and type 'telnet /?'

To check port in the command line enter: telnet <server name or ip> 10100

For example: telnet 10100 

If port opened and licence service started you will see black screen otherwise you will see error code.