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In this SprutCAM Robot tutorial I explain my method for creating your first test toolpaths for your actual robot. This enables you to verify that your robot in SprutCAM is configured correctly to work with your actual robot.
You will need:

A suitable pointed tool / spike

An A4 sheet of paper

A SprutCAM Robot configuration for your actual robot

A robot

Step-by-step guide

What is covered in this video tutorial

  1. How to draw an A4 sized box
  2. How to select your Robot configuration in SprutCAM
  3. How to enter the workpiece frame / Work object data in a SprutCAM project
  4. How to select the 2D Contouring operation and select the A4 geometry
  5. How to define the tool to be used and speeds / feeds and set the tool orientation
  6. How to run the Robot axes map
  7. How to simulate the process
  8. How to save the project
  9. How to postprocess the toolpaths to generate the robot code.