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How can I recover my project (stc file)?


SprutCAM version 14, 12 and 11: you can have several backup files placed in "<projectfolder>\__history\<projectname>.stc.~ver~". 

  • <projectfolder> is the folder of your source project.
  • <projectname> is the name of your source project.
  • ~ver~ is the backup file version, the largest number corresponds to a more recent file.

The number of backup files depend on "Backup file count" option in application settings (by default it has value 5). Files in this folder are formed in two ways:

  1. Before each manual saving, the system copies the previous version of the file to this folder and then overwrites the main project file.
  2. If autosave is enabled, it is performed directly in this folder without changing the main project file.

SprutCAM version 10 and less: you can have 2 backup files.

  1. The file placed in the same folder with your source corrupted project and has name "<projectname>.~stc" where <projectname> is the name of your source project. You need to rename it to *.stc to use.
  2. The file placed in "%temp%" folder (for Windows 10 it expands by explorer to "c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp") and has name (the numbers can vary).