Turbo simulation mode

While simulating a 3d Milling project in SprutCAM you can use the turbo simulation mode. This mode is turned on by checking the <Turbo mode> button at the <Simulation> panel. In turbo mode simulation speed increases dramatically, especially in the <Wire> display mode. So you can easily backplot huge toolpaths even on low-end PCs.

By now <Turbo mode> supports only 3 axis milling. There is no support for 3+2 and 5 axis milling as well as turning. The turbo mode resolution is controlled by the <Tool/Model tolerance> slider in the <Simulation Tolerance> dialog. The dialog appears after pressing the <Tolerance> button at the bottom of the <Simulation> panel. The model resolution varies in 125-250-500-100-2000 ranges. The default resolution is 500x500 dexels.

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