System files

Main executable files of system:

  • SprutCAM.exe – executable system module.
  • INP.exe – executable <Postprocessors generator> module.
  • SCUpdater.exe – executable program updater module.

CAD Files of type can be imported into SprutCAM:

  • *.igs, *.Iges – file format of Initial Graphics Exchange Specification;
  • *.dxf – file of Drawing Exchange Format by Autodesk;
  • *.stl – file format native to the stereolithography CAD software;
  • *.vrl – file format of Virtual Reality Modeling Language;
  • *.ps – file of PostScript format;
  • *.eps – file of Encapsulated PostScript format;
  • *.x_t, *x_b – file of Parasolid kernel file format;
  • *.sldasm, *.sldprt - file of native SolidWorks project format.
  • *.asm, *.par, *.psm, *.pwd - file of native SolidEdge project format.
  • *.3dm – file of native Rhinoceros project format;
  • *.step, *.stp – STEP, modern graphics exchange specification.
  • *.stc – system project files, contain all information about project: geometrical model, machining operations toolpath etc.
  • *.stcx – xml format project files, project is saved to stc format too.
  • *.sto – files, contain information about operations: structure operations in the project, parameters of operations etc.
  • *.dxf; *.eps; *.ps – files, contain information about 2D geometry.
  • *.stl – files, contain information about simulation result.
  • *.xml – files, contain information about toolpath for external simulator.
  • *.sppx – postprocessors tuning files for the different CNC system (used by SprutCAM and the <Postprocessors generator>).
  • *.spp, *.inp – postprocessor tuning files of previous versions of SprutCAM. The old format is supported by the new version of SprutCAM too. <Postprocessors Generator> can reform the files into the *.sppx format.
  • *.stfc – zip-container file that can contain any other files of the system inside (postprocessors, machine schemes, projects etc.). Content can be encrypted and digitally signed.
  • *.snci – interpreters tuning files for the different CNC system (used by SprutCAM in G-code based simulation mode and G-code based milling operation).
  • *.dsk, *.cfg – files containing data about the system screen settings. Generate automatically if they are lacking.

Other files and folders, created during the installation are required for proper functioning of the program. Their modification or deletion can prevent the proper functioning of the program. Substitution of the files is needed only when upgrading the version and should be performed in strict accordance with the update information supplied.

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