Importing objects from VRML files

<VRML> (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) – this is a file format for interactive three-dimensional objects and virtual worlds. The <VRML> format is designed for use on the Internet (and is basically the 3D graphics standard on the Net). VRML files are also used in local systems.

Each VRML file is a description of 3D space containing graphical objects. The scene can be dynamically changed using different language mechanisms.

To design a machining technology, information concerning the object geometry is required, and such attributes as light source, background color, transparency or smoothing angle, animation elements and event processing are irrelevant and therefore will be ignored.

In the current version the following geometrical objects are supported:

  • <Box>;
  • <Cone>;
  • <Cylinder>;
  • <ElevationGrid>;
  • <Extrusion>;
  • <IndexedFaceSet>;
  • <IndexedLineSet>;
  • <Sphere>;

Information about a geometrical objects color, their location and spatial transformations is imported. Named objects supported too.


  • Cannot import object <TEXT>.
  • Ignores block <Inline> for using data from other files and the Internet.
  • It is not recommended to use VRL files with <PROTO> and <EXTERNPROTO> sections, due to their partial support.

Requirements for VRML files:

  • Files are imported in <VRML 2.0> format.
  • Presence of a file header <#VRML V2.0 utf8> is obligatory, otherwise the file will be regarded as in an incorrect format.
  • A packed file must first be unpacked.

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