Importing objects from PostScript files

<PostScript> format allows transferring flat vectorial and raster figures. Files normally have *.ps or *.eps extension (<Encapsulated PostScript>). The format is used widely in publishing and when transferring information to printers, supporting the PostScript-interface.

Limitations: SprutCAM imports from PostScript-files only vector information. It does not import raster images inserted into PostScript file. The current version does not import text. For correct import of text it must be converted into curves.

GhostScript library is used for the import (installation instructions). The first time you import will be prompt to load a library, and specify its location. Also, it can be done in the System Settings window, the <Import> tab.

Recommendations on how to export into PostScript file in CorelDraw:

  • Switch <Curves> mode in the <Export text as> group, with this CorelDraw will generate sets of curves, which correspond to every figure of the text in the PostScript file.
  • Switch on the <Include header> option in the <Image header> group.


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