<Folders> tab

In this window the user can set default paths for the SprutCAM files.

  • The <Project> folder is used for loading and saving projects.
  • The <Import files> path defines a folder, where by default the geometrical models (IGES, DXF etc.) files are loaded from.
  • <CNC-programs> that have been created, by default, will be saved in the NC-programs folder.
  • <Postprocessor> tuning files, by default will be loaded from the Postprocessor folder.

The paths can be entered manually as well as by using the path selection dialogue, which is accessed by using the button.

There are three pre-defined variables, which can be used for defining the corresponding directories (folders):

  • <$(SPRUTDIR)> – the directory from where SprutCAM was launched;
  • <$(PRJDIR)> – the directory defined in the <Project> field;
  • <$(PROGRAM_PERSONAL)> – the directory that created when installing program in <My documents> folder.

When defining the real names of the directories used during the running of SprutCAM, the defined variables will be substituted by the appropriate full path used at system start-up or the user defined (edited) settings.

System languages can be change on the <Languages> panel. The language change will be applied on current session.

Changing of the <Project save options> is to manage size of the project files. The project file size will be bigger if more detailed information is saved. Source data only (geometrical model, coordinate systems, operations and their parameters) is saved for the short mode. Any information which can be calculated is not saved for the mode. A tool path of operations is saved in addition to the foregoing data for the middle mode but intermediate workpiece states are saved too for the detailed mode.

The <Auto save> – automatic saving of current project every time, that defined in <Interval in minutes>.

The number of backup files depend on <Backup file count> option (by default it has value 5). Backups are formed in two ways:

  1. Before each manual saving, the system copies the previous version of the file to this folder and then overwrites the main project file.
  2. If autosave is enabled, it is performed directly in this folder without changing the main project file.

All backup files are saved in "<projectfolder>\__history\<projectname>.stc.~ver~". 

  • <projectfolder> is the folder of your source project.
  • <projectname> is the name of your source project.
  • ~ver~ is the backup file version, the largest number corresponds to a more recent file.

It is possible to switch off a confirmation message during an NC file generation into the existing file on the <Confirmation> panel.

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