Projects files

A project contains the systems status information at the moment of writing, and the parameters and status of the geometrical model and machining operations. The projects are saved in stc files. The project file contains all the necessary information for generating the tool movement and does not require the (separate) imported models files.

Projects can be saved in the short, middle and detailed modes. Source data only (geometrical model, coordinate systems, operations and their parameters) is saved in the short mode. Any information which can be recalculated is not saved. Toolpath is saved in addition in the middle mode but intermediate states of the workpiece are saved also in the detailed mode. The saving mode can be changed in the <System setup> window.

Use Open and Save project buttons on the main toolbar to work with it, Projects can also be opened by using the drag and drop function, i.e. simply by dropping the project file (*.stc) onto the main window of the application. A project file can be opened also if the file name is added as a parameter into the shell command line.