Importable files

In SprutCAM there is the ability to import a geometrical model from any draftsman's or designer's systems (CAD/modeling) via data exchange files formatted as:

or directly from

The number of importable files depends on the system configuration and can be changed optionally.

It is possible to extend the import format list by add-ins supplement. There is Addin Manager to do that. The add-ins are aimed to tune up a collaboration of SprutCAM with different CAD-systems. Add-ins permit generally SprutCAM to open directly project files of the CAD-systems.

The geometrical model of a machined part, workpiece, machining equipment can be prepared in any CAD/modeling system and imported into SprutCAM using any of the supported formats. SprutCAM can be integrated with any CAD-system. The internal model supports different representations of solid, surface, mesh and curve geometrical objects. Therefore, the representation of the geometrical information in SprutCAM does not differ from the internal representation of geometry in many CAD-systems, which is very useful for avoiding "damaged" models during transmission from one system to another.