<Transformation> – parameter's kit of operation, which allow to execute converting of coordinates for calculated within operation the trajectory of the tool.

On the page it is possible the setting of the following parameters:

  • <Multiply toolpath by axis> allows to replicate the trajectory received on the computation of the operation in direction of one axle of the machine including rotary axle, if it presents in the machine.


The regime of multiply is setting:

  • <Subroutine> – the repeated block design as subprogram.
  • <Copying> – the repeated block over and over again  insert in CLData with re-calculated coordinates.
  • <Off> – the replication is off.

On regime the multiply sets:

  • the coordinate system axle in selection field <Axis>;
  • step axle-direction in field <Multiply Step> in units within the given axle;
  • quantity of block's repetitions in the field <Multiply Count>;
  • at regime <Subroutine> additionally sets its name in the field <Subroutine name>.


  • <Rotary transformation> – allow at 3-coordinate milling processing to change the displacement of the tool in direction of one of the linear axle to the rotary motion of the billet, if it is possible to execute  on the machine.


The regime of converting is setting up in the field <Mode>:

For interpolation the following parameters are setting:

  • The opportunity of executing by controller, setting with the help of the tick in the field <CNC interpolation>;
  • <Tolerance>  characterize the deviation of transformed trajectory from ideal in millimeters (inches);
  • <Radial axis>;
  • <Rotary axis>;
  • <Axial axis>.

For cylindrical interpolation additionally set up the parameter <Cylinder radius>, on which the reamer of tool's movement is executed.

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