Operations for 4-axes and 5-axes milling

The modern milling machines and production centers allows to make the machining using five axes simultaneously. The machines design can be different but the principle of 5-axis machining is as follows: the positional relationship between the part and tool is describes by three linear and two angular dimensions. SprutCAM can generate the five axis toolpath virtually for any machine configuration. For more information refer to the 5 axis machining topic.

Next are the types of multi-axes machining.

  1. <Indexed five axes milling>. In this case the angular dimensions are fixed in required position at the start of machining. After that the simple three axes milling is performed with using of three linear dimensions.
  2. <Rotary machining with using of the cylindrical interpolation>. Generally, this kind of machining imply the simultaneous motions by the three axes: two linear and one rotary ones. The machining is performed on the cylindrical surface and the machined elements are defined by the unrolled planar curves.
  3. <Continues four-axes milling of the solids of revolution> can be created with using of the existent solid model or unrolled planar curves and < Engrave > or < Pocketing > operation.  It is necessary to define the base surface as the cylinder of any solid of revolution. Particularly this way allows to machine the pocket on cylinders.
  4.  <Continues five-axes machiningContinues five-axes machining > of the curves and surfaces is performed with using of the 5D contouring operation.

  5. Continues four-axes milling is of the free-form solids and surfaces is performed with using of the < Rotary machining >< Rotary machining >

  6. <Holes machining> performs the machining of the holes with the free axes direction.

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