Adaptive roughing (turning)

More than 2 times faster than traditional lathe grooving operation. This is achieved  due to the high work speed and the optimized tool path. It uses tool with round insert.

This turning operation based on milling Adaptive SC operation.

Common parameter of the cycle:

Step defines the distance between the passes. It can be defined in the percents of  the tool width or in the units of the length.

Backward stepover defines backward stepover in % of forward stepover (active if Bidirectional).

Direction defines direction of passes.

Rough rounding radius defines radius of cut in and cut out toolpath.

Linking radius 

Lead Safe distance

Safe distance parameter defines the distance between the top groove level and the top curve point. 

Although, when you turn on "check workpiece", the top level groove level will be selected automatically, and this option will not be active.

Check workpiece option removes all idle parts of the working motions that really do not cut the workpiece.