Positioning of part at machine

The position of the part at the machine is determined by the Workpiece Setup parameter in the Setup panel.

To change the workpiece setup just click on the ellipses button next to the parameter. The workpiece setup dialog should appear.


In this dialog you can set the Base LCS of the workpiece and the additional workpiece transformations composed of the translation along the machine X, Y, Z axes and the rotation around the same machine axes.

The Base LCS determines the initial setup: the workpiece is attached to the workpiece holder in such a way the Base LCS of the workpiece coincides with the joint LCS of the workpiece holder.

The Translate along option is used to shift the workpiece along the XYZ axes.

The Rotate around option is used to rotate the workpiece around the XYZ axes.

The most easiest way to change the workpiece location is to use the mouse wheel to change the values of the Translate and Rotate boxes. The workpiece position is immediately updated in the graphic view after each parameter change.

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