New project

Starting MachineMaker

MachineMaker can be started from SprutCAM Utilities menu

Creating project

MachineMaker automatically creates new project at startup. It is possible to create new project any time using Menu - File - New 

First of all it is necessary to add mechanism to project using Add Mechanism button

Supported mechanism types

    • Robot - common industrial 6-axes robotic arm. Project can contain only one robot.
    • Heavy-Duty Robot - high payload robot with additional joints,
    • Cobot - collaborative robotic arm. 
    • End effector -  device at the end of a robotic arm, designed to interact with the environment. Spindles, Laser Heads, Wire Cutters and etc. Robot can contain any count of end effectors. End effector can be added only if robot exists.
    • Fixed object - any fixed object (controller, enclosure, etc). 
    • Table (fixed) - static table 
    • Table (1 axis) - rotary table (positioner) with one axis
    • Table (2 axes) - rotary table (positioner) with two axes
    • Rail - rail or any another linear axis. Usually allows to move robot along X axis.
    • Portal (2 axes) - two linear axes mechanism. Usually allows to move robot along X-Y axes.
    • Portal (3 axes) - portal, three linear axes mechanism. Usually allows to move robot along X-Y-Z axes.

    Robots, Heavy-Duty Robots and Cobots have different kinematic schemas:

Click selected mechanism type and select 3D models to continue.